Can Black Holes help Planets to Form? What New Research Says

Even since Einstein claimed the existence of black holes around a century ago, people understood that the hypothetical objects would be extremely dangerous if they exist. Unfortunately or luckily for us, science nowadays has irrefutably proven the existence of such mysterious cosmic monsters. They have an extremely powerful gravitational pull, being able to devour stars and planets easily. Therefore, you can easily conclude that you wouldn’t want a black hole anywhere near you if you care about your life.

But a new study shows us that black holes can have a more different role and not so destructive. They can have planets forming and orbiting around them, a theory that baffles the minds of scientists.

The star is not necessary for the planets to form

According to a team of Japanese scientists, the old model with dust around a star is not necessary the case for how all the planets have been born. A dreadful supermassive black hole could be at the center of all that space debris that will eventually form planets.

Professor Kokubo stated:

Our calculations show that tens of thousands of planets with 10 times the mass of the Earth could be formed around 10 light-years from a black hole,

Around black holes there might exist planetary systems of astonishing scale

Professor Keiichi Wada, from Kagoshima, Ehime and Hokkaido Universities also supports the idea:

With the right conditions, planets could be formed even in harsh environments, such as around a black hole,

This is not the only time when science finds out about a positive role for black holes in the development of the Universe. It is well known that a supermassive black hole could be found at the center of almost every galaxy. Thus, black holes are causing whole galaxies to rotate and to form their actual shape.

The theory regarding black holes being able to help dirrectly the formation of planets has been published in the Astrophysical Journal.

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