Can We Find Planet 9? Scientists Have a Plan

All the records of Planet 9 have been cut for several years. It was first mentioned back in 2014, but there’s nowhere to be found. Some scientists believe it might be a laser-launched spacecraft.

Edward Witten, who is one of the founders of the M-theory of physics, has made quite the statement: “There are hints of a new object (Planet 9) with a mass of 5-10 M in the external solar system at a distance of 500 [astronomical units]. If it’s a relatively conventional planet, it can be found in telescopic searches. Alternatively, it has been suggested that this frame may be the first black hole (PBH). In this case, normal searches fail.” He then continues with the fact that there’s a possible alternative, and that is to assemble the gravitational field of it with a laser-launched spacecraft. Such a spacecraft could reach planet 9 about ten years after the launch, and, if found, they could report back to Earth in 5 to 10 seconds.

Back in September, a study suggested that Planet 9 was not actually a planet, but it was a black hole. Black holes formed, in theory, after the universe. Scientists were not able to find then, but researchers believe in the importance of the dark matter.

Witten stated that he is not sure if this method will be helpful, or if he could find a  mysterious object to work. Building a laser might be too expensive – it might cost about $517 million for a launch system. And the batteries would be $8,000. But these would not be all the costs, the spacecraft itself would cost money. However, with all of that in mind, it might still be possible to launch hundreds or thousands of miniature spacecraft, allowing them to search for Planet 9.

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