Car Guys, Beware! You Can Buy The One-Off $2.7 Million Aston Martin Victor’s Headlight From eBay!

The Aston Martin Victor is a real triumph of automotive engineering.

We can safely say that the British automaker outdid itself, designing and building the retro race-inspired styling while still keeping the look somehow fresh and modern.

Considering that Victor is a one-off creation, it is likely that most of us won’t be able to drive one, enter one, or even be near one.

However, we can take part in Victor’s exquisite appearance and port it to some cars!

Affordable Smart Looks

Believe it or not, you can own a set of headlamps very similar to the ones of the Victor, for cheap!

You can buy them from many sellers on eBay, as long as you are patient enough for the parts to arrive.

The headlights used by the Victor appear to match an off-the-shelf model from Wipac, a premium automotive lighting company that crafts LED-based exterior lighting products also used in multiple streetcars, supercars, and limited-run production cars around the globe.

Victor’s headlights are a lot like a universal model from the company, which is marketed as a replacement for all vehicles with regular 7-inch diameter round headlights.

Therefore, we encourage you to add that touch of Aston Martin’s magic to your car!

Some popular models compatible with such headlights are the Land Rover Defender, Mini, Mercedes G-Wagon, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Jeep Wrangler!

Why Aston Chose The Headlights?

Aston Martin most likely used some off-the-shelf parts to reduce costs. It’s not like the Victor is a mass-produced vehicle, so it wouldn’t make too much sense do devote a separate design and manufacturing cycle to headlight production.

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