Catching Cresselia in Pokémon Go Is Difficult, but Not Impossible: Here’s How

Cresselia is the legendary Psychic-type of Pokémon to come to the Pokémon Go raids. You might want to know which counters you should be looking for during battles.

Cresselia was first added in the fourth generation of Pokémon games, and it is the Lunar Princess Pokémon. It’s quite easy to battle with it, but it is very important to use the correct Pokémon if you want to challenge it when raids happen.

It has an amazing CP of 33794, which means that if you want to catch it, you will need to put up a fight – it’s not that easy to do so, but if you find some Pokémon friends and try to get it together, you might have a chance.

So how can I catch it?

As stated before, Cresselia is a Psychic-type of Pokémon, which means that you have better chances of seeing it during raids as the Dark-type, Bug-type, or Ghost-type Pokémon.

The game has recently added a new best friend for the raid: Mega Beedrill. So if you have enough Mega Energy, you might want to bring into the game a Beedrill and then use Bug-type moves.

And then we have Gengar, that’s another Pokémon which can help you a lot, however, make sure you’re using one with the Ghost-type moves, and not the Poison-type moves. Keep in mind that, because Gengar has a Poison part, it can be a bit soft when it comes to dealing with Psychic-types such as Cresselia.

Who to choose when dealing with Cresselia in raids

Keep in mind that you will need to get Giratina, Mewtwo and Mega Charizard Y. If you do go with Mewtwo, choose the Ghost-type move Shadow Ball. Among these ones, that can possibily beat Cresselia in Pokémon Go, there is also Tyranitar, Weaville, and Scizor.


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