U.S. Could Pay Millions to Families Separated at the Border

The U.S. government is in talks to compensate immigrant families that were separated at the border under the Trump administration. The payments are said to be around $450,000 for each…

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Long Working Hours Responsible for 745,000 People a Year, Says the WHO

Stress-related deaths owing to long hours of work have surged by nearly 30% over the past two decades, a study jointly commissioned by the World Health Organization and the International…

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New neural implant tech

New Neural Implant Tech Allows Paralyzed Man to Type With His Thoughts

An experimental technology could allow paralyzed individuals to communicate more easily. In a promising new study, a paralyzed man was able to type 90 characters a minute by visualizing himself…

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toddler survive five story drop

Toddler Survives Five-Story Drop From Apartment Window

Bronx toddler Jose was at home with his mother, sister, and aunt when he fell five floors out of his apartment room window. Surveillance footage of the incident captured the…

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buy pre-owned car

Two Things You Need To Do Before Buying A Pre-Owned Car

You may have heard it before: it’s better to buy a good used car than brand-new. The problem with used car shopping is that it sometimes feels like a crapshoot….

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