Neuroprosthesis Enables Paralyzed Man to Communicate in Sentences

A man with severe paralysis is now able to communicate in full sentences thanks to a new speech neuroprosthesis device developed by researchers at UC San Francisco. “To our knowledge,…

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New neural implant tech

New Neural Implant Tech Allows Paralyzed Man to Type With His Thoughts

An experimental technology could allow paralyzed individuals to communicate more easily. In a promising new study, a paralyzed man was able to type 90 characters a minute by visualizing himself…

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Scientists Found A “Rogue” Planet Bombing Along The Milky Way

Discoveries show that an elusive-Earth-sized object is creeping through the Milky Way! Endlessly Wandering Scientists have long hypothesized about roving planets, which cruise through galaxies and orbit no star. The…

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Scientists Discovered Huge Arctic Methane Deposits Beginning To Release

Scientists discovered evidence that frozen methane deposits from the Arctic Ocean, called “the sleeping giants of the carbon cycle,” began releasing over an extended area of the continental slope from…

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How Powerful Are Black Holes, Actually?

Black holes are some kind of engines made out of gravity. They are able to pull objects that cannot escape their power. Well, these objects get to incredible velocities. It…

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