Crypto prices plunge

The crypto market has seen major fluctuations in terms of prices over the past few years. While some crypto investors made incredible profits and were able to cash out early,…

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Researchers hope fireflies can help develop robot communication

Researchers from the University of Colorado are studying synchronous fireflies from the Great Smoky Mountains in hopes of helping develop robot communication. The research will particularly focus on the synchronization…

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New neural implant tech

New Neural Implant Tech Allows Paralyzed Man to Type With His Thoughts

An experimental technology could allow paralyzed individuals to communicate more easily. In a promising new study, a paralyzed man was able to type 90 characters a minute by visualizing himself…

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Data leak Facebook users

Massive Leak Exposes Private Data of 533 Million Facebook Users

On Saturday, the personal data of more than half a billion Facebook users was published for free on a hacking forum. Speaking to Insider, a spokesperson for Facebook said that…

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This Google Play Store Change Improves The Lives of Many Android Users

The Google Play Store has over 2.8 million apps of all kinds, more than 1 billion users, and these numbers keep on growing. Google seems to be doing its best…

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