China Launches an Advanced Satellite Platform

China has launched a new bleeding-edge satellite that has achieved a geosynchronous orbit around our planet. The geostationary orbit will allow the satellite to maintain a relatively fixed position over the same area of the planet at all times. It is located at more than 22,000 miles above the surface.

Shijian-20 is has managed to reach the desired position on Sunday, becoming the first part of the Dongfanghong-5 (DFH-5) satellite platform. The launch took place on December 27 with the satellite being carried by the high-power Long March 5 Y3 rocket, which was deemed by the Chinese media as the most powerful rocket in the world.

According to the Chinese space agency, the satellite will perform a large number of tasks, among which we can count communications, remote scans, and select scientific experiments. It will also be used in the course of future missions that focus on the moon and Mars.

China Launches an Advanced Satellite Platform

Chinese media mentions that the massive satellite weights eight metric tons. It was designed to facilitate fast communications, and it can output bandwidth of up to one TB per second. A laser communications system could be tested soon along with an innovative ion thruster technology.

DFH-5 will be considerably superior in comparison to DFH-3 and DFH-4. It is known that DFH-3 is on par with the international technical standards, while some of the technology sported by DFH-4 features some parts that rival international technology.

One of the significant highlights is represented by the successful launch of the Long March 5 rocket, which is a great boon for the Chinese space program after a previous failure, which took place in July 2017. The rocket will be used in a series of upcoming missions, including the launch of the Mars rover and a series of modules. The Chinese space agency has great plans for the forthcoming decade, and it seems that that the early start is quite promising.

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