China’s Measures In Wuhan Saved About 700,000 People From Dying Of Coronavirus

Although the coronavirus pandemic is far from being contained and optimism doesn’t feel to help much, there are things to be considered as optimistic. According to Fox News, research recently published in journal Science gives reason to believe that the drastic and fast-imposed measures in Wuhan, done by Chinese authorities, have saved up to 700.000 lives.

If by now 48,578 people died of coronavirus from the official 955,136 infected cases then the scientists stand to an even frightening number of diagnosed people. The deaths represent 5% of the infected people. It 5% was to be represented by the number 700.000, then the official number of infected people would be 1.4 million.

According to Penn State, one of the researchers involved in the study said they used three sources to come up with this scenario: case reports, human movement through cell phone data, and public health intervention information.

The measures taken in Wuhan saved hundreds of thousands of people from coronavirus

For 50 days, Chinese officials quarantined the entire city of Wuhan starting January 23. Before the traffic ban, 4.3 million people moved out of Wuhan. The ban gave time to other cities around the world to take precautions.

The ones who did take the precautions are currently in a better state with concerns to the virus’ spread than hose who ignored it and didn’t try to prevent it. By implementing a Level 1 response, cities could reduce the number of infected people by 33%.

Although 82,361 infected people and 3,193 deaths might be a sound like enormous damage, they represent only a slam fraction of the Chinese population. And the worst of it is that China isn’t out of the woods.

“Given the small fraction of the Chinese population that has been infected, a much larger number of people remain at risk of COVID-19. We are acutely aware that resident or imported infections could lead to a resurgence of transmission,” said Huaiyu Tian, associate professor of epidemiology at Beijing Normal University.

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  1. I am astonished when i read what you wrote.i feel like something irrealistic.if we consider the W.H.O figures we learn that there is in average 700 000 persons who die each year by influenza in the world . The figures i have speaks of one millons in average who die of “flu” each year in the world.the deaths are due to direct and more to indirect effects of influenza.doctors knows that direct death are due mostly to the difficulties of the usa there is an average of one hundred thousand deaths each year diying of flu.the questions : why haven’t we speach of that before ? Why have we been alarmed of corona which killed to this day 50 000 persons in the world? Why have we feel it urgent to find a medecine to heal corona diasease which is known since 1960 and not one for flu which kill more and is known more longer before?why politics entered the stage and work to frigthen people? Don’t they know that giving hope is the principal medecine of doctors?why the same techniques are used to frighten people all over the world like declaring that important persons in politic get the virus,or speaching of stars of showbiz or sport who died of corona?we can already notice tha there is a chef manager in the world who directs the operation of spreading the lie.this last sentence lead to a lot of conclusions.have you noticed around you the augmentation of funerals?did the italians notice anything like that?frankly i dont think.the diasease is only in medias and social medias.they speak of young people having about 50 or 40 years and who died of corona.they don’t tell us anything about what they were suffering of before getting the virus.did they have chronic kidney diasease for example?i repeat, something is unsual in what we are living now.something irrealistic.we must be carreful and not participate in spreading the lie.i smell something political behind the corona story.

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