Chinese Lunar Lander Shoots Impressive Images On The Dark Side Of The Moon

The Chinese space agency enjoyed a significant achievement almost one year ago when Chang’e four landers arrived on the far side of the moon. It became the first vehicle that completed a soft landing on the part of the moon, which was a coveted target for a long time.

China wanted to mark the event and decided to release a batch of scientific data and images which were captured by the five tools present aboard the spacecraft. The Yutu 2 rover has also been hard at work since the landing took place as it traveled over a distance of 350 meters and collected data about nearby rock formations.

China’s lunar lander shoots impressive photos on the dark side of the Moon

It is essential to highlight the fact that the lander features an impressive camera. The Terrain camera is placed on the top of the lander and has a 360 degrees rotation axis. With the help of the camera, the researchers obtained high-quality images that are now available for everyone.

The Chang’e four mission has been quite ambitious, especially when we take into account that little was known about the dark side of the moon in the past. According to the Chinese space agency, the spacecraft landed in the Aitken basin, which can be found in the South Pole.

Images provided by both the lander and the rover have been best in situ and offered new information about the unexplored side of the moon, among which we can count radar and radiation measurements of the fascinating area.

China plans a new Moon mission

A new mission is scheduled for launch towards the end of 2020. Chang’e five will involve the use of a lander and a sample-return device.

The main aim of this mission is to collect samples, and at least two kilograms of soil and rock samples should be brought to Earth by the sample-return device. The lander will carry a series of powerful scientific tools, including cameras, a spectrometer, and a gas analytical instrument.

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