Christmas On The International Space Station Got Pretty Festive

It’s hard to imagine Christmas somewhere else than on Earth. Sometimes, however, you have to work even on such a holiday. For astronauts, Christmas could be just a day like every other one, even if they’re stationed in orbit 250 miles above Earth-home.

Despite being so far away, astronauts found a way to celebrate the so-dear and loved holiday. So, that’s how the International Space Station became pretty much festive. Astronauts practically “invented” Christmas, festooning their station with various decoration, improvised Christmas trees, and even dinner.

Christmas Improvisation on the International Space Station

Astronauts can’t bring a real tree, but for some time they succeeded to improvise. For example, they could easily make a tree from tinsel or food packaging. Back in 1973, three astronauts aboard the ISS on the Skylab 4 mission, gathered the empty food cans and made a Christmas tree. Very chic and unique!

As for the special cookies so-loved on this season, astronauts can now enjoy them. A few months ago, a specially made “space oven” was shipped to the astronauts on the ISS. Such a thing was more an experiment to check the effect on the intense heat and zero-gravity. NASA, however, stated that the astronauts will bake only five experimental cookies in that designed oven.

Unfortunately, they must not eat them

The Christmas dinner, sadly, couldn’t be performed because astronauts can’t make a full roast meal on the ISS. Last year, though, they enjoyed something similar. A feast, including corn, mac and cheese, candied yams, green beans, potatoes au gratin, butter cookies, and strawberries, had been shipped up to the astronauts. Such a thing was possible due to SpaceX Dragon spacecraft delivery.

This Christmas, NASA confirmed that the ISS team would get eight turkey strips, one tub of peanut butter, twelve oranges, six jars of pickles, nine gingerbread cookies, one fruit cake, and one wheel of brie. Moreover, astronauts will also enjoy two Rudolph noses, alongside some present from their dear families! It seems that Christmas has no limit on Earth nor space.

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