Computer Simulation Shows How it’s like to Drive under Other Planets’ Gravity

Did you ever wonder how it would be like to get abducted by aliens and sent to the Moon or Mars along with your car? Well, it would be useful to know how it is to drive around under a different gravity than the one Earth has. Of course, this only applies if you’re getting sent there along with a spacesuit because otherwise, you have no chance of survival.

We should consider ourselves pretty lucky to have the right gravity on Earth in order to perform our daily tasks. If we had Jupiter’s gravity we couldn’t get out of the bed; if we had the gravity from the Moon, one flick could send us meters above in the air, and so on.

Gravity always wins

Regardless if you’re on Earth, on Jupiter, or the Moon, gravity always wins somehow. A new YouTube video posted by The Action Lab proves it so. The footage explores how it would be to drive a car under different gravity levels, and it’s pretty compelling:

The Moon has a six times weaker gravity than the one Earth has. On the other side, the Sun has the strongest gravity: 28 times stronger than the one from our planet.

How does gravity work?

To put it in a more friendly English, gravity means when objects are attracting each other, according to Sir Isaac Newton. But another great physician came and contradicted him, saying that no object is actually attracting another. What happens instead is that space itself is pushing objects towards each other. Each object in the Universe creates a curvature in spacetime, exactly like a big ball of iron is bending a trampoline when it sits in the middle of it. Most objects that we deal with during our everyday lives have a way too small curvature of the spacetime to be detected. But the curvature created by planets and stars is causing other big objects surrounding them to spin around, just like a plastic ball would spin around the big iron ball positioned in the middle of the trampoline. Space itself is “something”, despite the general perception that it doesn’t include anything. You may have heard about this other great physician that contradicted Newton – his name is Albert Einstein.

But what or who established the laws of physics (including gravity) and why are they infrangible are perhaps the ultimate questions in science.

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