Confusion about COVID-19 Rules Dominate UK Landscape

One Twitter user tweeted about a UK rollercoaster, explaining that they cannot go hug their grandmother, but they are able to go on Nemesis Inferno with the lady. The zinger on England’s coronavirus lockdown was repeated all over social media this last week, as people said that the government’s choice of restrictions easing is confusing. Basically, relatives are still not allowed to spend time in family’s homes, but outdoor attractions, places of worship and retail stores will be able to reopen starting next week.

While the easing of restrictions is underway, the UK has recorded over 50,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus. The country is second only to the United States. Overall, there is a big difference between the COVID-19 approaches made by the political leaders of the world. As some countries already lift lockdowns, despite the number of deaths being on the rise, global health agencies, such as WHO, are starting to backtrack on their guidance. It is not surprising at all that the situation is obviously unclear.

Most English schools will not come back before September, but students will be able to visit pubs and hair salons much earlier than that. Alok Sharma, the UK Business Secretary, has just said that the government’s ambition is to reopen all of the abovementioned establishments from July 4.

Recently, the government also announced that single-adult households will be allowed to form a so-called “support bubble” with another household, but this does not include those with chronic conditions, who perform a task known as “shielding”.

The co-founder of the well-known online community, Age Space, Annabel James, has recently expressed that hundreds of people with elderly relatives had expressed their confusion to Age Space. In an interview with CNN, she explained that the rules of conduct have changed at record speeds for many aspects of life. According to James, people are still looking to interpret these new rules.

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