Conspiracy Theories Related to the Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Are Already Spreading

Scientists from all over the world are hard at work on the development of a coronavirus vaccine that could keep us safe from COVID-19, but the development will require months if not years before a safe product may be available.

However, anti-vaccine groups who are already notorious for sharing false information have started to target the development of coronavirus vaccines.

Several claims have already been made, ranging from rushed trials that could endanger the life of the participants to the pseudo-fact that the best infectious diseases expert in the U.S. has hindered the research process with the goal to boost the revenue collected by pharmaceutical companies.

The Coronavirus Vaccine and Conspiracy Theories

Some voices have also argued that Bill Gates, the well-known founder of Microsoft, plans to use the vaccine to inject advanced chips into the bodies of people, allowing the government to trace their activities at all times.

People who oppose vaccines have been present in the U.S. for a long time. Their claims can vary for what may appear to be reasonable concerns about the ingredients present in specific vaccines or their purpose, but the most vocal ones will often employ the tried-and-true shocking statements to gather more followers.

Another issue is represented by the fact that the anti-vaccine movements have started to join other protest groups who demand the lift of all social distancing restrictions. As the numbers of both groups continue to rise, the consequences might be quite serious in the long run, according to researchers.

A coronavirus vaccine will be the only way to ensure that the virus will not continue to spread from in the future if infected people travel from one place to another or interact with people without knowing that they carry the virus. The right to refuse the vaccine might be a major problem in this case, as they will continue to remain a vector for the infection.

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