COVID-19 And The Use Of Masks Creates Controversies

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains active across the world, a heated debate takes place in the background, with the topic being the use of masks, as per The Conversation.

WHO, the most significant health organization in the world, argues that people shouldn’t wear masks, mentioning that there is no data which would suggest that healthy persons will gain benefits from wearing masks.

On the other side, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised the use of cloth masks to prevent the spread of the virus from infected patients to healthy people. To better understand the situation, it is essential to take into account the potential transmission vectors.

COVID-19 can spread via three major transmission vectors. The primary one occurs when an infected person comes at less than two meters away from a healthy person and coughs or sneezes. Particles of saliva will be released and can take the virus to the mouth, nose, or eyes of the healthy person.

Masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

An infected person can also spread the disease by sneezing or coughing on their hand or a surface. Contact with either the hand or the surface in question will expose the other person to the virus, as they may move their hand towards the face.

While some researchers argue that an infected person can create an airborne spread that can travel beyond the contact range, there is no conclusive proof at this point. Data collected from a series of recent trials suggest that masks will not offer too much protection for a healthy person.

The primary reason for this is represented by the fact that the regular masks do not shield the eyes. At the same time, coronaviruses and influenza can pass through them to reach the nose and respiratory system.

However, maks can limit the spread of COVID-19 if they are used by patients who have the infection as they reduce the number of droplets and aerosols that can be released while coughing or sneezing.

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