COVID-19 Could Stop Spreading Thanks To High Temperature And Humidity

Researchers note that the spread of coronavirus could be diminished by higher temperatures. Even though warmer weather due to changing of the seasons is not stopping the worldwide pandemic, it may have the desired outcome on controlling the spreading. Recent analysis is demonstrating that COVID-19 finds it harder to spread during the summer when high temperatures are more prevalent, as reported by The Independent UK.

Influenza is the example of a similar virus that has as well diminished its spreading area during the summer. The key factors that contribute to this are increased temperatures, high humidity and the changes that the human immune system is facing in its race to become resistant to these infectious diseases.

Hope is being brought back to the northern hemisphere, which has been hit the most affected area. The arrival of spring in this affected area is viewed to be the saving moment for these regions. The theory is being backed up by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the government’s scientific adviser of the United Kingdom, Sir Patrick Vallance.

A new study concluded that the COVID-19 outbreak might stop thanks to high temperature and humidity

Facts are being presented by scientists from China’s universities, who have already examined this assumption in 100 Chinese cities. They are suggesting as well that higher temperatures contributed to lower infections in several regions of the country.

At the University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, American researchers are supporting the Chinese theory. They have proper documentation and weather data that show the harder time the virus has in tropical climates.

Therefore, after analyzing the most significant epicenters of the whole world, they realized that coronavirus was highly spread in Wuhan, Milan, and Tokyo since these cities have almost the same average annual temperatures (between 5 degrees to 11 degrees Celsius) and similar humidity percentage of 47 – 79. The study is warning he northern hemisphere of Europe and Canada since research shows that the virus is likely to spread on a large scale there.

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