Craters On Ryugu Asteroid Show New Details On Its History

After many hours of hard work, analysis, and significant devices, a mystery is solved. The scientists elucidate with help from Hayabusa 2 spacecraft, new and vital information about Ryugu Asteroid.

After studying the 77 craters on the asteroid, the team of researchers found out that Ryugu’s hemispheres are formed in different periods, on that at the same time. You can find full information about the discovery of the American Scientific journal.

In June 2018, Hayabusa 2 was sent in a mission by the Japan Space Agency (JAXA) for taking samples, pictures, and other data about the asteroid Ryugu. The group of researchers is led by Naoyuki Hirata, who works as an Assistant Professor of Planetology at Kobe University. The main focus of the study was to find out how many craters Ryugu has, and the location of the impact. The purpose is to find out the frequency of the collisions and the age of the surface.

Craters On Ryugu Asteroid Show New Details On Its History

For obtaining this kind of information, the researchers used around 5000 pictures taken by Ryugu’s Optical Navigation Camera (ONC), which are showing the affected surfaces. The studied data was born between July 2018 to February 2019 for the reconstruction of the size, latitude, longitude, and the identification of the craters.

Using only 340 pictures from 5000, a mosaic was created for the Small Body Mapping Tool software. And with the help of the Light Detection and Ranging pulsed laser (LIDAR), they found out the size of the asteroid.

To sum up, the scientists discovered that Ryugu has around 77 craters with a size of ten to twenty m in diameter. Also, the exciting fact is that Ryugu has the most holes in the eastern hemisphere, close to the giant crater called Cendrillon. On the other part, in the western region, Ryugu Asteroid is untouched. From this discovery, the scientists are stating that the hemisphere of the west was formed after, later even. In 2020, Hayabusa 2 will bring samples to Earth from Ryugu’s areas.

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