Cyberpunk 2077 Update: Available with Outside Climbing Feature

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the hottest titles of the moment. It was recently announced that the game would allow the players to control the protagonist so that they will climb buildings from the outside in some scenarios.

The Announcement

Miles Tost, Senior Level Designer of Cyberpunk 2077, was part of an interview in German with NightCitylife. Thankfully, the Interview was translated to English by Reddit user u/Moraez.

Here is a video that depicts some of the latest additions to the upcoming game:

The new outside climbing feature was announced by Tost in the Interview, but he also specified that the feature won’t always be available.

“Yes, V can climb up skyscrapers, and we try to connect this with a proper context, for example, in a quest or side activity. But while climbing, you won’t look like King Kong or Spiderman, more like… V.” – extract from the Interview.

However, we are confident that building scaling won’t be a one-time-only event, as Miles Tost even compared it with Mirror’s Edge apt.

Some believe that Cyberpunk 2077 will be packed with moments that require the protagonist to be on top of buildings.

However, we were only presented to scenes from the game that are on the ground-level for the moment.

Miles Tost said that comparing Cyberpunk to The Witcher 3 in terms of world size doesn’t do it justice for a few reasons: The Witcher 3 has limited movement compared to Cyberpunk, where the protagonist can scale the world, move variously and drive some vehicles.

“On the other hand, V is way faster, significantly more mobile, and has access to more driving possibilities than Roach. That changes the scaling of the world. When I ride on Roach for 10 seconds, then that is a different distance than when I’m driving straight forwards for 10 seconds with a car,” he added.

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