Death Note 2 Update: Are We Getting a Second Season?

It has been quite a while since Madhouse production has launched Death Note. The first season was released back in 2006, and we have all been waiting for a new season ever since. But is there a chance we are getting a new season? Read ahead and find out!

It has been so long that fans are asking themselves whether or not we are getting a new season of Death Note. The chances of this happening are pretty low since we have all gotten the end of the series, with the death of Light Yagami. We are afraid this is all we are going to get with this series. After all, we got our ending.

The first season had it all.

The season had 37 episodes, which covered pretty much all from the original manga story. It has been more than ten years, and we have no official confirmation of a continuation of the series. We might not get a second season soon. We know fans are disappointed, but the story ended after these 37 episodes.

A second season is not in the works

We know we are all excited to find out even more about this series, but we might not get that chance. There are plenty of other anime projects which are happening right now under the production house, and the makers have moved on to another project. We are grateful we will always have this fantastic show and the manga series. Also, do not forget to watch the movie on Netflix.


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