Details On The Apple Pencil Of The Next Generation Surfaced Online

People are whizzing with the next generation of the Apple Pencil. Although the upgrade is just a possibility at the moment, the the latest patent surfaced the internet with some advanced features.
The Apple Pencil was found on the US Patent and Trademark Office. And according to AppleInsider, the pencil will support for more gestures and displays a flexible stylus.

An upgraded version of Apple Pencil

The patented Apple Pencil is a stylus comprising “a flexible touch sensor positioned about the classic insert, and a housing positioned about the flexible touch sensor…” The elastic insert is placed “between the support member and the flexible touch sensor and biases the flexible touch sensor radially outwardly against the housing.” Furthermore, even with the user’s natural grip location,” the stylus can determine the difference between tactile inputs from a user and disregard sustained physical inputs.

That is to say, the next-gen of Apple Pencil patent can recognize gestures depending on the location of the fingertip as its featuring touch-sensitive, flexible area. On top of that, the upgraded Apple Pencil includes a camera and extra sensors inside.

More detail on the next generation of Apple Pencil

The stylus can amazingly record various types of surfaces with the camera help and display them while drawing on the iPad. Apple underlined in 2019 that it could also stimulate the feel of drawing on paper adopting haptic feedback.

The new Apple Pencil states that the device can be used to unlock a device using fingerprint sensors. This new feature could be modified to be used as biometric verification for Apple Pay. We might see a new version of Apple Pencil soon, and we cannot wait! The next-gen of this pencil looks mind-blowing, and all we can is hope that the live version won’t disappoint all these high expectations set up by Apple.

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