DMT’s Effects of Feeling Asleep and Awake at the Same Time

A recent study involving people taking DMT shows some unexpected results. DMT is an active ingredient of the psychedelic ayahuasca brew, and research claimed that people enter a state that resembles a living dream state of mind.

As for their study, researchers developed tests on brain scans of people who had taken DMT. What they found is rather odd than intriguing. A different intermingling of brain eaves was identified during both sleeping and waking. Such a discovery explains why people experience profound, dreamlike moments.

Christopher Timmermann, a researcher part of Imperial College in London, gave further details about the study. He said, “However, we’re missing a big part of the picture if we don’t take into account other ways.” Is the researchers study other, developed forms of awareness, they would learn more about how our brains react in the real world.

DMT makes people feeling asleep and awake at the same time

DMT is known to have its provenience from ayahuasca, which is a traditional team from South America. It can give reactions that involve psychedelic effects. What the element does is to induce some types of different realities.

As some users described, the experiences happen in odd environments, with some abstract things and emotional or spiritual breakthroughs. Timmermann and his team developed their study to find out how DMT modifies the brain to give those states of mind.

The results helped Timmermann, and his team discovered that DMT generates all of those effects. Such a thing causes both dream-like and awake-like brain activity in people’s brains. The only thing unknown remained how the chemical does that and why it gives such experiences. Researchers have begun other tests that involve people in fMRI machines to receive a better insight at what parts of the brain are more active during the experiences.

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