Don’t Miss The Final 2020 Supermoon – It’s Arriving Very Soon

The Moon is our faithful companion, and unfortunately, not many people realize its crucial importance. The largest and brightest object from our night sky is causing tides on our planet, and it’s also moderating the wobble on the axis, which leads to assuring a stable climate for our Earth.

Therefore, we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to admire the Moon on the night sky. And soon we’ll get the chance to admire it even in a more beautiful sight than usual. On May 7, we’ll get to see the last Supermoon from 2020. It’s also called the Super Flower Moon, and it will delight our view just after the sunset. To be even more precise, you’ll get to see the May 2020 Supermoon starting 10:45 Universal Time on May 7 — which is a global time that can also be written as 6:45 a.m. ET and 3:45 a.m. PT.

What exactly is a Supermoon?

To put it in a friendly English, a Supermoon is the chance to see a full Moon much closer to Earth at night. And of course, it will still be very illuminated by the Sun. If you want a more precise but also simple definition, a Supermoon is a full moon that’s at 90 percent of its closest distance to the Earth in the given orbit.

There were already three stunning supermoons in 2020, and if you’ve missed them, now’s your chance in May to take a good look at one. But if you miss this one too, there’s a so-called Strawberry Moon occurring next month on June 5. Although it will be far from being so impressive as a Supermoon, the Strawberry Moon is also a full Moon. And it’s better than nothing, right?

However, we’ll have plenty more to wait until the next Supermoon dominates the night sky, as it’s scheduled to emerge on April 27, 2021.

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