Doomsday Scenes in The US – The Skies Turn Orange and Temperatures are Sky Rocking

The US is confronting terrible times, and the skies of California look like they’re straight from the most terrifying horror movies ever made. Even though the skies should be luminous, the state looks like night time in a hellish place. Furthermore, the sun won’t be visible for several days.

As many wildfires had been ravaging the West Coast, there’s no wonder why American citizens have to deal with horrible sights. Feel free to check out relevant photos:

But things keep getting worse, as certain Bay Area parts are dealing with ash snowing down from the sky.

State of emergency in Oregon

Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency, urging thousands of citizens to evacuate their homes. Health officials are also urging people to remain indoors.

Los Angeles local Henry Mantel issued an alarming statement:

We can no longer assume that there will always be a habitable planet for us — because unless we enact major changes now, there won’t be,

The temperatures are also not friendly at all with Americans these days: Los Angeles recently recorded 121 degrees Fahrenheit (49.44 degrees Celsius) in Woodland Hills.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump issued some shocking statements on the matter:

No, it’s not about fires, it’s a blanket declaration that Donald Trump is about to pull a huge upset in California,

The Golden Gate Bridge is now more orange than golden, and that’s a good sign for your favorite president,

A few more weeks of this and California will be a breathless victory for Trump.

Maybe Donald Trump just wanted to make a joke, but it was clearly not an appropriate moment at all.

We’re eagerly looking forward regarding the situation in California, and we’ll provide updates on the matter ASAP.

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