Earth Magnetic North Pole Is Moving Towards Siberia

Earth’s magnetic field aids produce the aurora borealis. Recently, a magnetic tug-o-war has influenced the magnetic north pole to move towards Siberia at a fast rate.

The stream of materials rules the magnetic field in Earth’s core, and it appears that two competing magnetic “blobs” along the outer core are pulling at the magnetic north pole. Now, researchers might have discovered what forces are causing that change, which has implications for everyday mapping and navigating systems.

One magnetized layer is underneath Canada, while the other is beneath Siberia. In the last few years, the Siberian patch has started to influence its opponent tragically. The planet-scale attack has made the magnetic north pole to move towards Russia.

Magnetic North Pole Moves Towards Siberia

Such a shift in the pattern of flow has reduced the layer under Canada. It also increased the force of the patch beneath Siberia. Dr.Philip Livermore from the University of Leeds detailed: “This is why the North Pole has left its historic position over the Canadian Arctic and crossed over the International Date Line. Northern Russia is winning the ‘tug of war.'”

At the beginning of the 20th century, the magnetic north pole was in the Canadian Arctic. It stayed there until the next century, drifting almost ten degrees to the north, approaching the real North Pole. Then, in 2001 its progress was even more, and by 2019 the magnetic north had traveled all the way north, started moving south on the other part of the planet toward Siberia, crossing even the International Dateline.

Researchers modeled the movement of the molten compound inside Earth, utilizing data from the European satellites that measure our planet’s magnetic field. And they succeeded to come to some intriguing conclusions. Livermore’s team detailed: “Over the next decade, the magnetic north pole will continue on its current trajectory.”

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