Earth School: The FREE Virtual Program that Teaches Kids to Care About the Planet

We are often taught to care about our family, our city, our traditions, or our country. But unfortunately, there’s way less emphasis when it comes to the beautiful and wonderful planet that provides us everything we need. We are truly blessed to have such a world at our disposal, although nobody says that it doesn’t have its shortcomings if we judge by the overall picture.

People should start learning from very young ages how to care about the planet and cherish it, and this seems to be what the UN Environment Programme (UNEP),TED-Ed, and 30 collaborating organizations had in mind. They launched together the “Earth School” program for allowing kids to take part in free programming about the environment.

Watch videos, read, and more

With the Earth School program, kids have access to all sorts of educational material, starting from video and finishing with the good old reading. Many countries worldwide imposed closure of schools, and all those students have to stay home and find something else to do. While skipping forever any kind of educational activity cannot be an option, the Earth School program comes to lend a hand.

TED-Ed director Logan Smalley spoke about the program:

One interesting consequence of the pandemic has been a swift and sweeping increase in people’s awareness and respect for the beauty, mystery and power of the natural world,

As billions of people turn to their windows, take more walks, and likely have the time and cause to reflect on the wonders of nature, our hope is that Earth School gives people an experience and a framework to better understand the world around them.

The lessons within Earth School are free, and they will run between Earth Day and World Environment Day. The program will end on June 5. With or without the world facing a pandemic, it’s always great to learn to love your planet.

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