Elder Scrolls Blades – Download It Freely For The Nintendo Switch

Starting today, you cand download and play The Elder Scrolls Blades for free on your Nintendo Switch console.

The game was released without exciting announcements or any fancy teasers.

It’s now available on the Nintendo eShop. It’s not the first game of the Elder Scrolls series that gets ported to the Switch, and it most likely won’t last either.

The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t going to be released anytime soon, so if you want to experience the franchise’s specific atmosphere, Blades is the next best thing.

The Elder Scrolls Blades is already available for smartphones, but its Switch release was delayed due to various reasons.

Justifiable Wait

However, the delay was put to great use, as the developers used that time gap to make the game playable on the system’s Handheld, TV, and Tabletop modes, allowing you to play however you like.

Also, the company has announced that the game will feature cross-platform support.

There’s only one downside to The Elder Scrolls Blades – The fact that it includes microtransactions. However, that is justifiable since the base game can be downloaded for free on all supported systems

A paid version is also available, in the form of a Quick Start Edition, which costs $14.99. It includes legendary items, alongside 30,000 Gold, 2,000 Gems, building materials, and the unique Sylvan Fountain decoration.

On of the game’s unique features is the Cross-Progression option. It allows you to resume your in-game adventure right where you left off on another platform.

To sync your progress, you only need to link your Bethesda.net account in-game to continue playing. We appreciate Bethesda’s effort (and success) of breaking system limitations and making a game portable, not just physically.

Storage Requirements

The game can be downloaded from the eShop, and it requires about 1.2GB worth of storage.

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