Epic Games Store Offers Three Games that are FREE to Play – Trailers and Info

With news about astronomy and technology playing such important roles in our lives, sometimes it’s a good idea just to take a short break and relax while playing some games. Gaming can have some great benefits for the mental health, besides just the fun part. Getting your reflexes, ambition, logical thinking, and attention stimulated cannot represent any downside.

That’s where the Epic Games Store comes to lend us a hand, the game storefront for Windows and macOS users. It proposes to us three games for this week that are FREE to play, and we’ll present them all below.

Gone Home

Developed and published by Fullbright in August 2013, this game is an interactive exploration simulator. The player has to explore every detail of a house to discover the story of the people who are living there. Picking up objects, opening drawers, and examining any potential clue can lead to solving the mystery.

Besides the Windows and macOS versions, Gone Home is also available for a large set of platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, and Wii U.


Developed and published by Runic Games in September 2017, Hob is, as the official description from Steam says:

a vibrant, suspenseful action-adventure game set on a stunning and brutal world in disarray. As players delve into the mysteries around them, they discover a planet in peril. Can it be mended, or will the world fall further into chaos?

Besides the PC version, Hob is also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Drawful 2

Drawful 2 was developed and published by Jackbox Games in 2016 for PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Linux. The game allows players to type in what they think a drawing really is, and then other players shall vote for what they think is the correct answer. As simplistic as the concept may sound, Drawful 2 is the perfect game for those moments when you go to a party.

Gaming is fun enough, but enjoying it for free is even more delightful!

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