Escape From Tarkov: All About the 0.12.5 Update

We have a brand new update for Escape from Tarkov. The latest patch is update version 0.12.5, and it comes with a lot of bug fixes and optimizations. Here is all we know so far.

One of the biggest additions that comes with this is the Therapist service, which can heal your character after a raid is done.

Also, the location map has been moved to a separate button from the matching screen. The Hideout and Main Menu options will be found now at the bottom of the screen. Also, the user interface comes with minor adjustments, so make sure you understand it before you start playing.

The update will have an impact on the use of items, too. You won’t be able to use a second item until you’re done with the first. This means that there will be some delays, so make sure you have your strategy together.

When it comes to optimizations

The makers have redesigned some parts of the optics functionality, which means that there will be fewer errors, and some PC configurations will give an increase in performance. They have also fixed some subsystems which used to cause short-term freezes, and we are also getting minor performance improvements

The new Therapist service

This one comes with quick treatment, which is available at the end of a raid. It will allow you to heal the character automatically after the raid, and it will also show the sources of damage that are untreated in the body.

Other additions

They have changed the In-game color correction settings, and they have come with Various improvements to the UI layout. Also, as stated above, the “Hideout” and “main menu” are added at the bottom of the screen. The map was also moved from the matching screen, and you will find it now on a separate button.

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