Evidence of Life on Mars Finally Revealed? Stunning New Photos

People have been wondering for centuries if there is life on Mars or not. Most of us would imagine Martians to be like little green men with antennas, highly intelligent and willing to unveil us the mysteries of the Cosmos or to invade us. The truth is, it’s very difficult for intelligent and complex life to form, even in an atmosphere as our own. Therefore, the Martians will be most likely way different than we’ve expected and not too evolved.

The latest evidence for life on Mars points exactly to such thing: simple life forms, not highly intelligent and technological advanced aliens like the ones from the SF movies.

Insect- and Reptile-Like Fossils

There are plenty of photos captured by probes that point to the existence of life on the red planet, even if some people consider them just randomly formed shapes. William Romoser from the Ohio University has done some research and he claims that in the hands of humanity there already is evidence of life on Mars. The evidence is represented exactly by the photos taken by rovers that have been roaming the red planet.

On November 19 Romoser presented his conclusion regarding the numerous photos of Mars available on the web. After years of study, the scientist came to a very plain conclusion:

There has been and still is life on Mars.

While some people may still remain skeptical, Dr. Romoser might know what he’s talking about. He is specialized in arbovirology and general/medical entomology. He found plenty of examples of forms that are resembling insects, bees, as well as reptile-like forms. They are in the forms of fossils and living creatures.

These are just two of the photos taken that resemble pretty much some well known life forms. Therefore, life on Mars could be very similar to the ones we know it, but not too advanced.

What do you think? Will humans encounter any Martians when they finally lay foot on the red planet in the near future?

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