Facebook Wants to Get Rid of Scams and ‘Fake Friends’ by Bringing a New Feature and End-to-End Encryption

Facebook is well-known for strongly demanding people to use their real names on the social network. The tech giant is not tolerating what is known as ‘false accounts’ and forbids access to those who try to fool the system. Facebook is going even one big step further in that direction, as it announced yesterday, May 21, the arrival of a new feature.

The famous social network is now targeting accounts that are sending a big number of friend requests in a short time, and those who are having many messaging requests towards minor users.

A pop-up in the chat window will save the day

If suspicious activity is detected, a pop-up will emerge in your chat window with the suspect, and it offers you the chance to block or ignore the person trying to contact you by pesky methods. Facebook explains the feature by saying:

Our new feature educates people under the age of 18 to be cautious when interacting with an adult they may not know and empowers them to take action before responding to a message.

Surely adults trying to send inappropriate messages to minors isn’t something to be taken lightly. Spammers are everywhere nowadays, and everyone knows it. Facebook also announced that the end-to-end encryption will become available soon on the platform, and it’s very interesting to see how this move will impact the social network. The lack of human operators might be a bad thing, while virtual robots can stick to the rules more. There shall be no room for ‘maybe they won’t see me posting this’ – virtual robots could ban a user who doesn’t play by the rules as soon as he fails once.

The new feature of the pop-up already began to roll out for some Android users, and we can expect it pretty soon to become available for iOS users as well.

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