False Claims On Social Media Link COVID-19 Outbreak To 5G Network

The technology industry has evolved more than it was ever seen. However, the humanity has experienced an abrupt change of beliefs and at the moment, the United Kingdom is experiencing several attacks against the telecommunication companies. Ever since the arrival of the COVID-19, the common assumption has stated that the virus is closely linked to the implementation of 5G technology, as per recent reports.

A significant number of baseless claims have hit social media. Therefore, the online user took a stand for the matter and up until now, 60 masts were affected by the public’s misconceptions. Great Britain is not the only country to experience such attacks. Many more cases are starting to appear all around the European Union as well.

Such theories suggesting that the telecommunication networks are affecting our health have been present in our day to day life ever since the 3G technology was released on the market. It has been debated whether 3G technology may cause cancer or infertility issues, but no proper evidence has ever been provided to prove the truth of these statements.

Beware of the false claims that link COVID-19 to 5G networks

Influent people such as Eamonn Holmes have promoted these theories. He dismissed that the accusation of 5G technology to have created the ongoing pandemic is true. He declared that he is against all the damages that have been done until now.

The international company, Vodafone, has recently declared that this claim is a “dangerous lie,” which has endangered many lives during the aggressive manifestations and protests. In addition to this, the authorities already took a step ahead and declared that these claims are false and there is nothing concrete that can support their truth.

The World Health Organization and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection have publicly declared as well that there is nothing to fear when it comes to 5G networks. In the meantime, Facebook has labeled several misleading posts to control the spreading of false information about COVID-19 and to stop the general state of fear.

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