Famous Actor Explains Why Video Games Can Replace Movies Forever

We all know that most video games out there have a story behind. Firstly, those stories exist to let you know what you’re fighting for as a player, which is completely reasonable. But over the years, many games had become animated films where the player barely has to push any buttons. While this is annoying many gamers beyond belief, some other group is seeing it as progress.

Those who are making the voices of video game characters are usually real actors. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who by himself is an actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, comes with a wild claim that will delight some people and upset others.

Will movies become obsolete?

Gordon-Levitt said it loud and clear for Hot Ones host Sean Evans:

The future of storytelling, it’s going to be video games,

The actor continued by saying:

I don’t think it’s going to be filmmakers who figure out how to do that. But (video games) feels like kind of the most groundbreaking storytelling.

Gordon-Levitt also said that storytelling in video games happens in a “whole different realm than anything we’ve seen before.” Whether we like it or not, he could have a point. Gaming seems to offer much larger freedom for the creators than it happens in the case of movies. The famous actor didn’t specify what genre of gaming he’s referring to, nor the platforms targeted. Therefore, we can make the fair assumption that most games that feature lots of dialogue scenes can qualify for his claim.

One of the most well-known roles in movies that Joseph Gordon-Levitt had is the one of Blake from The Dark Knight Rises (2012). That movie was a major success, achieving over a billion dollars in the box office. Since there are so many video games with Batman out there, maybe we’ll see Gordon-Levitt himself voicing a character in a game linked to the Caped Crusader.

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