Final Fantasy XVI Release Date for Xbox Series X and PC

Final Fantasy XVI is a very awaited video game. We know the game is still in the development phase, but that doesn’t stop rumors from spreading out. The latest reports say the game is a PS5 exclusive for a year, meaning it will arrive on the other platforms after one year. The information comes from Piers Harding-Rolls, a games research expert at Ampere Analysis and previously at IHS Markit.

The expert shared his thoughts on Twitter about the Sony and Square Enix deal for the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. Let’s get a closer glimpse of how the future may look in the next few years. 

Final Fantasy XVI agreement 

Harding-Rolls explained that Sony confirmed the following details in this article; however, do take everything with a salt pinch. According to his words, the Final Fantasy franchise should be “a full exclusive for 6 months.” That means Sony may release the game to other platforms afterward- for example, PC

We know this from the Final Fantasy XVI reveal trailer as well. However, curious enough, the company refused to comment further on this topic. During the PS5 event earlier this week, Sony did not confirm whether the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI video game comes to the PC platform. But, according to the demo, the game should run on PC.

According to the expert, the upcoming game should be “a console exclusive for 12 months.” However, this is also down to Square Enix, which means they are allowed to release the game to other platforms after one year. Xbox Series X owners might get to enjoy this game if the developer and publisher want to. 

Of course, the same agreement was made for other exclusive games as well. Another partnership between Sony and Square Enix is for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. According to rumors, the game will be free to join after one year from the original release date. 

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