Fireball On The Skies of The East Coast is Leaving People Speechless

There’s no telling when a cosmic object like none other ever seen before will visit our planet again. One recent proof comes directly from the Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh. Wednesday morning, residents had been reported a mysterious flash on the sky, and they couldn’t provide a reasonable explanation for it.

The mysterious light occurred shortly before 6:30 a.m. A trucker driving in Pennsylvania was the lucky guy who could capture a video of the flash, and you’re free to see it below:

The object looks pretty much like a comet, and the sudden increase in volume indicates that the mysterious ball would have exploded due to air friction.

Earth was visited numerous times by outer objects, and the scenario will repeat itself over and over again. Every year, our planet is hit by about 6100 meteors that are large enough to reach the surface. That equals for about 17 meteors every day. While the vast majority of meteors fall unnoticed across uninhabited areas, there are plenty of exceptions. A few times a year, some meteors land in places that catch more attention.

Chicxulub 2.0?

We don’t have precise information for what exactly was the mysterious object that makes the purpose of this article, but we can be sure that it doesn’t represent a threat to life on Earth. But whether we like it or not, many scientists are certain that a second Chicxulub impactor like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs will repeat itself someday. There seems to be no way of finding out that Chicxulub was either an asteroid or a comet, but what’s for sure is that it measured between 10 and 15 kilometers wide.

Luckily for us, science evolves at a staggering rate and we can have high hopes that humanity will successfully deal with any space rock that could threaten us in the near future.

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