First Head Transplant Will Be Soon Possible According to Experts

The world’s first human head transplants might happen soon, a former NGS neurosurgeon has stated. Bruce Mathew, a retired clinical lead for neurosurgery at the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK, currently turns his interests in investigating the hyperbaric medicine, supporting divers recover from the bends.

But while he was writing on a science fiction novel, dubbed “Chrysalis,” with Michael J. Lee, he figured out there was a feasible way to submit the consciousness of one person to another body. Also, the latest advancement in robots, nerve surgery, and stem cell transplants could turn accurate Mathew’s research.

Prof. Sergio Canavero is also examining the first head transplant cause, including separating the head from the spinal column and putting back to a donor body. Mathew, however, is thinking that it would be more precise to use the whole head and spinal cord as a single entity and replace it in a donor body.

First Head Transplant Will Be Soon Possible According to Experts

Canavero stated: “Initially, our intention was to just brainstorm an idea and it seemed rather silly, but then I realized, it actually isn’t. If you transplant the brain, and keep the brain and spinal cord together, it’s actually not impossible.”

Mathew agreed that his idea would be useless for the ones who had spinal cord injuries. Also, he stated that it could be helpful for illnesses such as muscular dystrophy or amputees. It is possible that one day, his idea to bring back people who have been under the cryogenic preservation process.

Prof. Canavero, on the other hand, developed a head transplant surgery on a corpse in an operation that linked the spine, blood vessels, and blood of two people. The 18-hour surgery was developed by a team conducted by Dr. Xiaoping Renn, from the Harbin Medical Unversity, who in 2016 had successfully united a head into the body of a monkey, and their collaboration is currently continuing.

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