Five Compelling Reasons to Quit Social Media

Nobody denies that social media can provide huge benefits if the user is up for the right content, but we’re here to present you several reasons to stop using such platforms for good if you have high hopes from humanity. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can grant you important info about institutions and events, but can’t you grab such info otherwise?

Pretty much everybody is on social media these days, and telling them that they should stop using such thing is like saying to a circus clown to stop wearing makeup and a red nose. We’re not here to try to impose anyone what to do, but everybody has the right to expressing opinions freely. You know, just like on social media!

It’s designed to be as addictive as possible

Social media is built with the advice of psychological experts to be as addictive as possible, and that will automatically make you less productive for more important tasks. Let’s face it: most of the content from Facebook, for instance, is useless. You could continue your life very well even without all those ‘funny’ memes, photos of girls who are craving for attention, people giving wrong opinions on pretty much every topic, and so on. If you’re a Facebook user, surely you’re familiar with those moments when you’re catching yourself spending hours in front of the computer because of the social network itself. You don’t find too much interesting stuff, but for some reason, you keep scrolling. That means you’re addicted.

‘Experts’ are everywhere

It’s no secret to anybody that people on social media complain about everything, from politicians to the presence of the notch on a smartphone. Everybody from Facebook or Instagram seems to know better how everyone should live their lives. While nobody denies the right to freedom of speech, the freedom of being absurd and pathetic is sometimes unbearable.

No ‘hate speech’ allowed

Of course, it would be ideal if everybody would respect each other, but some type of mocking towards specific social groups can actually be productive. This type of behavior could lead to a more prosperous society. We all know those ‘delicate snowflakes’ that would report you for an innocent joke, which will lead to a severe ban for your account.

Meaningless couples

We’re glad that some people are madly in love with each other, it’s a really nice and rare thing nowadays. But nobody cares to see an endless amount of posts of such people with every thing that matters for them. Nobody cares what they ate, what country they visited lately, or all of their photos that illustrate how in love they are. And when crowds of users are commenting on all photos of couples with things like ‘you look so great together’, it’s most likely because they’re just being nice, which you’ve guessed it: it means they’re practically lying!

Selfies overloaded

We all enjoy seeing a pretty girl’s selfie added on the profile picture, but nobody needs to see practically the same photo shot from different angles. This is an incurable thing on both Facebook and Instagram: people, especially girls, need way too much attention and likes for their selfies. These users should crave for attention less and go for more productive things.

Once again, people could use social media mostly in more productive ways, but the insane amount of freedom for less serious behavior offered is making a lot of users to make not too wise decisions. Finding a way to survive without being active on social media these days seems impossible, but it surely can be done if you really want it.

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