Fortnite Update 14.30: Combat Shotgun, new modes, new rewards

Epic Games is getting ready to release an update for the famous Fortnite game. Currently, the video game is on pause for developers to prepare the 14.30 rollout. However, once the update goes live, it will feature a Combat Shotgun. On top of that, players will be able to enjoy new Rally Royale and Marvel Knockout Super Series game modes. Without further ado, let’s go through the patch notes. 

Fortnite new weapon

Combat Shotgun is the new weapon developers will introduce with the latest update. It is basically an upgraded version of the Tactical Shotgun; however, the Combat model is much faster. 

Limited-time game modes

Rally Royale is the mode where players will have to collect tickets in order to unlock the finish line. However, the goal is to get to the finish line ahead of your rivals. This game mode will go live later this week. The second game mode is called Marvel Knockout Super Series. However, we don’t know what this mode’s goal is yet. We will find out for sure on October 14 when it goes live. Some believe the new Marvel Knockout Super Series is about superpowers. 

New Rewards

Any new game event brings rewards. This time, players will have the chance to win the Daredevil Outfit. The news will excite some players, as they will be able to try out the outfit ahead of it arriving in the Item Shop. Marvel outfits are quite popular, so we are looking forward to finding out more. 

However, the Daredevil Outfit is not the only reward players will be able to get. Those you choose to participate in the upcoming tournaments will have the chance to win a Nexus War glider. The event offers many other prizes as well, but we mentioned the most popular. Not to say, the latest Fortnite update includes the week eight challenges.

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