Fuller House: Netflix Has Already Decided Its Fate and We’re Not Ready

This popular Netflix comedy is a spin-off from Full House. Fuller House is very popular, and it reminds everyone of the best series out there until now. But we are all curious if season 6 will happen or not. Here is all we know so far about that.

Are we getting a season 6?

We must be honest with you, and we are not coming with good news. Netflix has decided to abandon the series after its fifth season, which means this is the final season of the spin-off. They do not have any plans to continue this show right now. We do not have a specific reason why this is happening.

We are getting a final season

As stated above, we do not know the exact reason why the show has been canceled, but it might have to do with the low ratings of the show after the second season. But do not forget to watch the last season, there is a big wedding coming out.

Netflix wants to promote the final nine episodes of the show. John Stamos has previously talked about rebooting the show or making a reunion movie. This might still happen in the future, but Netflix does not want to continue the show now.

How will the series end?

The final season will end with DJ accepting she is in love. It seems that there will be three weddings. It is a very beautiful way to end the series, and with sadness, it is time to say goodbye to the Tanner family. Even if Netflix does not want to continue doing this show, it might be rebooted, or we might get a reunion movie, so we are looking forward to that.

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