Gmail 2020.03.01.300951155 Update Available to Download with New Fixes

Gmail is one of the most popular mailing services, known for its reliable, simple, and professional features that it provides. However, the detail that makes Gmail stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is owned and administrated by Google. That means that not only the service benefits from advanced support, but it also gets daily new updates.

The 2020.03.01.300951155 Update

Google’s daily improvements in Gmail contribute to a noticeable change over time. The latest update is available to download via over the air (OTA) channels. Therefore, the only requirement to access the latest update is joining a stable Wi-Fi connection.

The afferent patch notes from the developers say that the newest Gmail update aims to improve the service’s overall performance. The update does that by fixing various bugs that previously interfered with Gmail’s activity and ultimately made it slow down.

Thankfully, that won’t happen anymore, according to the patch notes.

Also, the new update introduced a roster of “under the hood” tweaks that will take the performance of the service to the next level.

However, Google being Google, means that it likely won’t stop updating Gmail. They will continue pushing daily updates that will address problems we don’t even know about. Their goal is to make Gmail as efficient and reliable as possible. You might not have noticed, but lately, the bandwidth required by the service has significantly decreased to allow for a faster experience even for users who have slow internet connections.

Fun Facts

When you think of Gmail, you most likely see it only as a mailing service. However, it is more than that!

You may not know, but Gmail can do the following:

  • archive emails
  • help you search through compatible Gmail apps like Google Docs or Google Sites
  • send text reminders
  • connect all of your email accounts
  • keep track of your calendar
  • make a to-do list
  • get read receipts

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