Godfall – The PS5 Exclusive Requires An Internet Connection!

Big news! The PS5 exclusive Godfall will require an internet connection starting from the day it launches (12th of November), and that’s despite the developer’s mention that it isn’t a “service game.”

The Discovery

Confirmation came from a Twitter post, where an user noticed that the game’s description mentions “online play required”:

“Godfall is not a service game, but does require an Internet connection to play,” a spokesperson mentioned.

Unfortunately, it’s not yer clear why the game requires a permanent connection, but needless to say, the gaming community isn’t happy about it.

Some highlighted that the game will be rendered unplayable if its servers ever go down (or get shut down forever). However, that is unlikely to happen in the upcoming few years, especially if the tile prooves successful.

Is this an impediment to you? Would this drive you away from purchasing the game?

The persistent internet connection will certainly be a problem for some users. Many gamers live in areas where internet coverage is low or unstable.

Imagine playing the game, having a good time, and being interrupted suddenly by a connection problem.

We hope that the developers will take that into account and remove the connection requirement eventually.

However, we wouldn’t suggest getting your hopes too high up, since there are few examples of games that went from requiring a persistent connection to not needing one at all.

Stay tuned to learn more about the future of the requirement!

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