Gold Stolen From Aztecs by Spanish Occupiers Was Discovered by Archaeologists

Gold stolen by Spanish occupiers from the Aztecs approximately 500 years ago was discovered.
The bar was found to be stolen by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes, according to a team of archaeologists. The 1.93-kilogram of gold was found in a park in Mexico City in 1981 by a constructor worker while it excavated the ground for a new building along the Alameda.

The fact that it was found there is a mystery as the Aztec civilization existed in a more southern side of Mexico, and the capital is positioned on the upper side of the map. However, an assay of a Spanish occupiers’ diary unveiled that Hernan Cortes stole the gold bar in 1520.

Cortes was a renowned Spanish conquistador who anchored at Veracruz in April of 1519. The next year, on June 30th, the Spanish has to retreat for a while as they had just butchered all the Aztec’s nobles and priests, which left the nation furious in a night called ‘Noche Triste,’ or ‘Sad Night.’

Gold Stolen From Aztecs by Spanish Occupiers Was Discovered by Archaeologists

Cortes did not want to leave empty-handed, so he stole the gold bar, before losing it. A statement coming from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said: “The so-called ‘Noche Triste’ is among the episodes of the conquest that will be remembered this year, and there is only one piece of material evidence from it: a gold bar that sank 500 years ago in the canals of Tenochtitlan, and which recent analysis confirms came from the (Spaniards’) flight.

This bar is a key piece in the puzzle of this historic event.” INAH also recently found two 500-year anchors that were revealed at the Gulf of Mexico, which belonged to Cortes’ people.

The Spanish subjection of the Aztec Empire was a significant event in their colonization of the Americas. Cortes managed to infiltrate and slaughter the Aztecs by forming alliances with numerous indigenous groups, then turning them against each other. He was estimated to have slaughtered approximately 100,000 people during his conquests.

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