Google Earth – Best Tricks To Make Learning Fun

The transitioning period between good old regular schooling and online schooling was tough on everybody – students and teachers alike. Some tools were available to make the situation a bit more bearable, but the change was still challenging.

However, it can all get boring pretty quick since it’s hard to teach children while also keeping them motivated while working remotely.

Thankfully, Google provided plenty of solutions, including Google Earth, which was quickly repurposed as a learning tool or an exploring tool for those who are stuck at home.

I’m Feeling Lucky

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” option of Google Earth simulates a spinning globe and putting the finger on a random spot.

The option can help you learn about a random region and explore unexpected destinations.

Geographical Measurements

If you’ve ever wondered how far away your house is from the Eiffel Tower or how many nautical miles are between France and England, you can quickly and precisely measure such distance with Google Earth’s measure tool.

The tool also allows you to change the unit of measurement so you can kill some time by wondering how long it would take you to walk or swim a certain distance.

Voyager Games And Imagery

Google Earth gets even better! You can try a round of Earth Bingo or discover the ABCs by using satellite images.

You can go even further and play “I spy with my little eye” in your virtual neighborhood with your friends.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can play the same game inside of a virtual museum.

Education Websites

Several websites used Google Earth as a basis for displaying mathematical concepts with real-life applications, like circular structures or the geometry of castles.

Media4Math has developed such a collection of data.

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