Google Earth Version For Android Improves Performance

Google Earth is a unique service that helps users explore the globe using time-delayed satellite imagery of our planet, including overlaid icons featuring facts and services.

With Google Earth, you can take a look around your location, and the view to tilting up and down is limited to 360 degrees!

When the Look Around mode is turned off, the Pan Mode allows users to navigate the terrain by swiping.

Using the Pan Mode is extremely simple – you can zoom in with a double-tap and zoom out by placing and spreading two fingers.


The app is an outstanding opportunity for avid explorers who fancy the comfort of their homes.

With Google Earth, you can see satellite images of your home, famous landmarks, the shapes of ocean floors, and open terrain – all in crisp quality, without having to leave your couch!

If you want to enhance the experience, you can submit ground-level photos for display on Google Earth!

The Layers functions let you display data about points of interest and relevant data from various websites, including Wikipedia entries.

It is a bit unsettling to see that privacy has been severely diminished, but at the same time, there are numerous advantages.

Current Version

The app reached version

Google Earth receives occasional updates that fix minor problems or add new content.

You should consider keeping Google Earth updated at all times so that you don’t miss out on the latest gimmicks Google introduces in the app.

The app usually updates itself automatically on Android smartphones that have auto-updates enabled.

However, if your device isn’t up to date on Google Earth, it is likely because you turned off auto-updates.

You can either turn them back on or update the app manually!

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