Google Maps Error – Displaying Locations Incorrectly, Placing Users In Other Countries

When it works fine, Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most impressive tools of the 21st century. It can work on smartphones, tablets, and, starting from a few years ago, head units on automobiles.

You introduce an address (or general information regarding the place that can help pinpoint a location) and tap the navigate button, and the app takes it away from there.

Unfortunate Behavior

However, when it doesn’t work correctly, Google Maps rapidly becomes an app to avoid, mainly because a GPS error can produce GPS errors that might provide inaccurate directions while on the go.

GPS problems are prone to appear, as errors make their way into a system.

However, one user recently reported that the app located him in Russia, when, in fact, they live in a different country.

It is certainly not a general problem, but, curiously, Google replied to the report, claiming that it’s already investigating.

That could mean that the company is aware that the error manifests on more devices that we know of, but it’s not safe to make guesses, as there is little data regarding the situation available.

The problem is a bit curious, as the user who reported the issue claims that Waze displays his location correctly.

Google Maps and some non-navigation apps seemingly think that the same user is in Russia, though Waze disagrees.

Here is a response from an official Google Community Specialist:

Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve forwarded your issue to the rest of the team. We’ll reach out to you if we need more information. Thanks!

Google Maps itself might not provoke the problem, and the proof is that other apps also misread the location.

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