Groundbreaking Study Suggests That Ancient Life On Mars Was Possible

A recent discovery has caught the attention of astronomers after a meteorite discovery has demonstrated a particularly increased intake of nitrogen. The outer object is 4 billion years and contains organic molecules that helped the scientists to cast light on Mars formation and evolution. Possibly, there was ancient life on Mars.

Scientists have registered the meteorite as ALH 84001, and believe that it was ejected from Mars’ atmosphere more than 15 million years ago. Back in 1984, an expedition in Antarctica has revealed the current location of the interesting outer space object. A team of researchers from the Earth-Life Science Institute in partnership with the Tokyo Institute of Technology came across this revolutionary object.

The nitrogen molecules and their composition offer a proper inside into how the Red Planet used to be structured. The primary objective is to determine the presence of water and its influence, which provided a completely different appearance from the planet that we know today.

Ancient life on Mars could have been a reality, new study hints

The research can be found in the Nature Communications journal. The scientists have declared that the carbonate minerals, which are part of mineral groundwater, suggest the water-rich surface during the early stages of evolution. Therefore, Mars could have been a favorable location to start life since it is assumed that the planet once used to be “blue.”

The researchers are considering two possibilities that helped during the formation process of the organic compoundS: either the compounds came from the outer space, or they formed on the Red Planet’s surface. Additionally, the researchers are suggesting that the chemical reactions present on the martian land helped with the formation of the nitrogen-bearing organics.

The researchers have also studied the likelihood of a person being killed by a meteorite by analyzing the incident that happened at the end of the 19th century in Iraq. The discoveries were published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science. Recent research suggests that ancient life on Mars was possible.

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