GTA 5 Online an RDR Online fans will earn money for finding bugs

Gamers who enjoy GTA 5 Online an Red Dead Redemption will have a chance to learn money for helping Rockstar to find and fix bugs present in the popular games.

Many gamers who played GTA Online on PC will now that some players love to cheat the system with the help of illegal tools that can be used to spawn money, other objects, or to be invulnerable. To minimize the damage created by such individual Rockstar partnered with a cybersecurity initiative in 2017, with the aim to discovered and eliminate security breaches and hacking tools.

Players will have the chance to earn at least $150 for their efforts if they found security vulnerability or exploits that are hard to reproduce. However, it is important to note that players will only earn money if they submit a bug that is related to in-game security faults or vulnerabilities which can be exploited to gain access to private user data.

Rockstar has also stated that in the last six years no banned player has managed to offer conclusive proof that could convince the company to remove the punishment. All the players who were banned and contested the decision were unable to prove their claim after clear evidence inferred that they cheated in one way or another.

Patient players may have the opportunity to earn a generous reward as Rockstar Games has also stated that anyone who can prove that a player was banned incorrectly will receive a reward of $10,000. The initiative plays an important role in the plan to improve the accuracy and efficiency of anti-cheat systems.

Interested bounty hunters can look for bugs present in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game. The Red Dead Redemption Companion App and iFruit Mobile App are also included in the program. More details can be found on the official web page of the initiative.

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