GTA 5 Succeeds to Sell 5 Million Units Since May 2019, and 115 Million Units Since Release

The well-acclaimed game, GTA 5, impresses once again with its high-top sales. Rockstar Games scored the impressive sell results of 5 million units sold since May 2019, and 115 million since the game’s release. Even if developers didn’t launch any expansions, they succeeded in reaching the significant selling numbers. They released, however, many updates for GTA 5 Online’s multiplayer mode. The parent company of Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive, proudly announced the news.

The Most Significant Quarter So Far for GTA Online

The actual quarter has been one of the most significant quarters so far for GTA Online as it has reached sells of 5 million units since May 2019 itself. Such a fact means a total of 115 million units of GTA 5 since the game’s release.

GTA Online is known as a platform that made most of the revenue through title sales as well as in-game buyings for online things by the players. The results marked the best summer, indeed, in terms of new online players. Alone, the Diamond Castle and the Resort upgrade brought the best sales reports. Players spent a lot of those additions and increased by 23 % this quarter. Such a fact represent a new record for GTA Online.

More Titles Such as NBA 2k20 and Borderlands 3 Came to Impress With Record Sales

Take Two Interactive also reported for quarter 2, games like NBA 2k20 and Borderlands 3 incredible sales. Borderlands 3, for example, sales increased from 5 million units in the first week to a significant 7 million units sold. NBA 2k20 succeeded in scoring more, hitting 6 million units in quarter 2.

On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2, launched this year for PCs, is also expected to come with impressive sales score. The game was available for consoles since last year. Red Dead Redemption 2, however, didn’t come with a Ray Tracing technology support, a fact which marked a bad beginning for the game. It is expected, though, to bring more sales soon.

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