GTA 6 Update – Map Leak Commentary!

Fans of the GTA franchise are impatiently waiting for the arrival of GTA VI, and they received a wave of information in the form of leaks and rumours in October. Though there is recent evidence to support that one of the most significant supposed leaks is not valid, there are reasons to believe that the “Project Americas” leaks remain on point.

The Leak

A questionable image though to be a prototype of the GTA 6 world map (or at least a section of it) made its way online. The incoming wave of fan speculation combined with several theories regarding the real-life counterparts of the upcoming GTA game’s location.

The hype culminated in an October 18 Reddit post, where user MrBurpAlot posted a screenshot of what was described as GTA 5 screenshots that directly reference the supposedly leaked GTA 6 map that first came to light two years ago.

MrBurpAlot’s screenshot depicts two postcards of a beach that are on par with the rumoured GTA 6’s tropical-themed map.

The so-called “Project Americas” rumours suggest that the game will take place in Vice City and various locations in South America and the Caribbean. However, the latter claim turned out false, but that does not imply that all of the recent GTA 6 discussion are aberrations.

Busting The Leaks

GTAForums user Gridl0k posted an image that debunked the myth propagated by MrBurpAlot.

The postcard screenshots turned out to be publicly available stock images that were edited into an in-game GTA 5 screenshot to build up excitement among fans.

Unfortunately, Rockstar is still keeping its mouth shut about GTA 6 as they are preparing for yet another port of the now seven-year-old GTA 5 on next-gen consoles.

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