GTA Online: New Garage Glitch Makes You Filthy Rich

The Grand Theft Auto legacy is doing very well even without official news from Rockstar regarding a sixth main installment of the franchise that everyone is waiting for. The company continues to upgrade the GTA V game at a staggering pace, more precisely its online mode (aka GTA Online).

In-game money is always great in GTA Online, as you can use it for buying cars, properties, starting businesses, and so on. Surely there’s not a bad idea to have as much money as possible (both in GTA V and reality, of course).

Earn about $2,000,000 per go

There’s a new glitch worth exploiting in the game that came along with the Los Santos Summer Special update that arrived several days ago. Thanks to it, there’s the Garage/Apartment glitch that allows the players to earn huge amounts of money in no-time. However, the players will still need these elements:

  • The most Expensive CEO office
  • Slot 6 and 7 available for garages and apartments

According to the subreddit r/gtaglitches, these are the steps the player needs to take to benefit from the glitch:

  • Buy “Unit 124 Popular St” from slot 6 (you’ll have to walk up to the sign) and do the same for “Unit 1 Olympic Fwy” in slot 7.
  • Pause Menu > Online > Creator
  • Once you load into Creator, Pause Menu > Online > Play GTA Online > Invite Only Session.
  • Go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate from your smartphone and buy the cheapest properties from slots 6 and 7.

Whether you become filthy rich in GTA V or not, the ultimate question remains like it does in real life: can money make your character truly happy? The game will soon become available for the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as an enhanced version.

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