Harrison Funding Reviews for Debt Consolidation

Has juggling your credit cards gotten out of hand? Your account balances, fees, and penalties have gotten so high that making a minimum payment barely scratches the surface. Maybe your credit cards are at risk of being transferred to a collection agency, or the creditor has threatened legal action. Whatever the case is, you realize you need to handle things before matters get worse. Having tried a few debt management strategies in the past, you’ve decided to consider resources like Harrison Funding. 

Harrison Funding for Debt Relief

Harrison Funding: What Is It? 

What is Harrison Funding? It’s a debt consolidation company. They specialize in helping customers restructure their credit card balances to be easier to manage and more affordable. 

What Is Debt Consolidation? 

Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple credit card accounts into one card or loan. The loan or credit cards are offered at a lower interest rate and allow customers to repay their financial obligations with one convenient transaction each month. 

How Does Debt Consolidation Work? 

You have a basic understanding of what debt consolidation is, but how does it work? As there are several ways to consolidate your debt, here are some examples.

Balance transfer credit cards often offer eligible applicants a low or zero percent interest rate for a year. Once approved for the card, you’d list the credit card balances you want to transfer over (not to exceed the new card’s spending limit). The old credit cards are paid in full, leaving you with one credit card to manage. However, you’ll need to pay down the balance within the promotional period for this to be beneficial.

With a personal or home equity loan, you’d apply for the amount you need through your mortgager or lender. If approved, you’d receive the funds upfront to cover your credit card debt. You’d contact creditors and make payments to get accounts back in positive standing. Then, you’d repay the personal or home equity line of credit in monthly installments. Remember that neglecting to repay a personal loan or home equity loan can result in the loss of your home and any other assets you used for collateral. 

Debt consolidation

Is Debt Consolidation a Good Idea? 

If you’re having trouble managing multiple credit cards, are paying too much in credit card interest and fees, have a good credit rating, and a reliable source of income, then debt consolidation is a good idea. 

On the contrary, if you have poor credit, low credit card balances, an unstable income source, or poor spending habits (that you don’t plan on improving), debt consolidation isn’t ideal. You’ll either find it difficult to qualify for a loan or credit card, or your bad spending habits will cause you to default, which only adds to your problems. 

Before considering debt consolidation with Harrison Funding or any other source, it is best to review your financial status to determine whether it is a good fit for you. 

What Is a Debt Consolidation Loan? 

If the above options for debt reduction don’t seem to work with your financial situation, you have the option to apply for a debt consolidation loan. This is a short-term installment loan for individuals looking to restructure their credit card payments. 

Unlike a personal loan for debt consolidation, when you apply for Harrison Funding, the funds aren’t issued to you personally. The company will issue funds directly to the creditor. As the borrower, you’re required to repay the loan as agreed in your contract. Failure to do so will result in negative credit ratings, late fees, penalties, and possibly the inability to obtain financial assistance in the future.

Should You Look to Harrison Funding For Debt Consolidation? 

If you were to research the phrase “how to consolidate my debt,” you’d come across several service providers. As with anything related to your finances, you should always do your due diligence. You want to ensure that you’re doing business with an agency that’s qualified to do the job. You also want to avoid scams and ensure that the company you choose has your best interest in mind. 

Before applying for Harrison Funding or another debt consolidation company, find out what they’re about. You can check the official website and learn more about the team, their experience with debt management, and the services they offer. Most importantly, go over Harrison Funding reviews to hear from previous or existing clients that have used the service. You can also check official sites like the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints against the agency.

The idea is to work with a firm that puts customer service high on the list of priorities. If Harrison Funding checks off all the boxes, then chances are they’re your best option to better debt management. The only thing left to do is apply.

Apply With Harrison Funding Today

You’ve learned how to consolidate debt. You’ve assessed the pros and cons of each consolidation strategy. You’ve done a background check on the agency. Now, it’s time to learn how to apply for Harrison Funding today to discuss debt consolidation loans. 

Gather your credit card statements and pay stubs. Calculate your monthly income, total credit card debt, and monthly payments. Once you have this information, access Harrison Funding online. Click on the apply now button to be routed to a form. You’ll need to fill this out entirely and accurately, then hit submit. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete. 

No one applies for credit cards intending to ruin their credit or add to their financial struggles—limited comprehension of how credit works and unforeseen circumstances often lead them down this path. If you’ve tried other strategies to reduce or eliminate your debt with little traction, perhaps it’s time to ask for help. Fortunately, agencies like Harrison Funding recognize the stresses and burdens of credit card debt that are ready to assist you in turning things around for the better. Rather than waiting for things to get out of hand, take the time to consult with one of their financial experts to learn more about the options available to you.


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